Crisis Mode

Syrian refugees, refugee crisis, immigration and travel bans continue to dominate the headlines and the social media in America. I am glad that people are now paying attention to what is happening in Syria. Did you know that the Syria crisis has been called the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII? Meanwhile, I am here in Beirut among the people everyone is busy discussing but I am disheartened to see donor “fatigue” and our funds are drying up. We are now in crisis mode. Seems that people are really losing interest in giving us help.

Refugees have been lining up for milk and diapers and we have none left. Slowly the funds have been disappearing for our refugee support – (bread, milk, diapers just the basics). I just got out of a very long meeting and we are having to decide who to stop helping. Just as the money that fed the families has dried up, the funds have dried up that helped support the refugee school. Did you know 50% of the 5 million documented refugees are estimated to be children?If we don’t help with some kind of education, we will perpetuate radicalism and instability in the Middle East for an entire new generation.¬† We cannot turn a blind eye. We cannot.

How can you help? Please, please do more than just talk about the problem in America. Put a little money (whatever you can) toward the problem. But please, please target it toward¬† the ground here where the refugees are. I guarantee you that your money will go further over here. People aren’t concerned with who gets to immigrate to America, they are concerned with how they are getting bread and milk or diapers for their families. Even $20 can be a life saver in providing the basic food to help them survive. And only $20 a month will help a child continue their education and have a chance of success.

I know it is not practical for everyone to get on a plane and travel over here. But please support someone who will go. Support me. I am over here. My time in Beirut serving those in need depends on the support I raise from you all in the States. Or you can support the organization that I am working with. I am even more delighted when you want to give toward feeding the refugees, providing housing, clothing or diapers or sending a child to school. Message me or email me and ask me how. But you must do more than just voice protest on what is going on American soil. We must do more than talk about it and our bank account says more people are talking than helping. If you really care about the refugees, please help those that need the most help that are hidden in the camps, the highways and the byways. Help the women that clothe their babies in plastic bags from the garbage for diapers and worry about where to get a $1 loaf of bread. Please help us! Contact me and ask me how!